Tennis Schedule – Junior

Junior Programs


Level I
Ages 4-8. Beginners. Learn traditional stroke technique, basic grips, foot – work and court etiquette. Small student/teacher ratio with an emphasis on technical instruction. “Fun & Fundamentals.”

Level I+
Ages 10 & up. Introduction to Tennis. Same as Level I, but restricted to pre-teen and teenage students.

Level II
Advanced beginner. Ages 9-10. Has completed Level I or the equivalent. Knows basic grips and can sustain a rally with directional aim. Hits accurately while on the run. Starting to serve overhand, but with an abbreviated motion. Often still learning the scoring system.

Level II+
Intermediate. Ages 10 & up. Same as general Level II, but restricted to pre-teen and teenage students.

Level III
Starting to use spin (top spin & slice) on ground strokes. Has good control and aim while hitting on the run. Accurate and consistent overhand serve with the correct grip. Understands the scoring system and has good fundamentals in all shot categories. Most students are attending junior high school.

Varsity IV
Has participated on a high school varsity team. Has competitive experience in sanctioned tournaments and/or junior interclub league. Knows grips and spins in all shot categories. Understands and can apply strategies and tactics.

Elite Junior Stars
By invitation only. Requires local (GCTA) ranking and/or extensive tournament experience. Prepares players for district (OVTA) tournaments.

By invitation only. Requires significant success on a strong high school varsity team and a local GCTA ranking. Prepares students for sectional (Midwest) tournaments. Only for the most motivated players. **Requires 2 day attendance (Tues/Thurs).


For members only, actively participating in Level III and up; may not reserve courts ahead.

All sessions are a set price. If a child misses a class, they can do a make-up in another class during the same session. The make-up must be pre-arranged. Please email us to schedule.

No classes on
11/22 – 11/26 (Thanksgiving Break)
12/24 – 1/1 (Christmas Break)
3/23 – 4/1 (Spring Break)

Minimum group size
may be required.

All payments made to Beechmont Racquet & Fitness at the beginning of each session.

are welcome to participate in Instructional Tennis @ BR&F and pay an additional 15% above regular class price.

Junior Match Play is an important part of a tennis player’s development and understanding of the game. Match Play allows juniors to put to use the techniques and strategies they are learning during tennis clinics and private lessons at Beechmont Racquet & Fitness.  Match Play also allows players to experience “on the court” learning, in which they will better understand the purpose for technical elements that they are being taught during clinics and private lessons.

When: Saturdays (Brent will determine the time as courts are available and will send out the time in the weekly e-mail.)

Cost: $18 per week (Only sign up for the weeks that work for your schedule!)

Brent Johnson sends out an e-mail each week to see who is interested for the upcoming Saturday. For more info or to be added to Brent’s e-mail list, contact him at  513-478-9174 or use the email form at the bottom of this page.

Junior Match Play is meant to be a low pressure introduction into a more formal match play setting.  Getting a taste of some nerves, learning how your body reacts, training your mind, and important decision making are just a few things that a serious tennis player must master to move up levels.  Match play helps deliver these aspects.” -Brent Johnson

A testimonial from one of our tennis parents:

My kids and I love the group Brent is running…A format like the one you all currently have is very family friendly without too much pressure on the kids…We stay and watch and go out to dinner afterwards and it becomes a family event. I think the program you have at Beechmont is absolutely terrific!” -Lisa C.


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