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Swim lessons are available for (potty trained) kids and adults at BR&F through an independent contractor called Lori’s H2O Skills.

Safety, Safety, Safety is Lori’s first and foremost concern in and around the water! What makes Lori’s H2O Skills unique is that we provide the intimate one on one approach to learning to swim. Children excel at different ability rates. Our loving and knowledgeable teachers are able to customize each and every lesson to your child’s needs. Children are able to retain swimming skills by way of repetition and constant contact with the water.

You will not find large group classes at Lori’s H2O Skills. Most facilities offer group swim lessons, some as large as 10 children for 45 minutes and some as small as 4 children for 30 minute classes. Your child is placed in a group class with like aged children or sometimes like skills only. Then your child waits for his or her turn with the teacher, this could be up to 5 minutes or more. By the end of the class each child has received only 3-8 minutes of quality time with the teacher. This is not consecutive, repetitive moments either. Therefore, when your child returns for the next class, the teacher spends most of it repeating how to do skills, discipline measures and time with other students. In the end, we understand that your money is valuable. We want your child to learn safely and quickly in the most efficient progression.

Why only 15 minute or 30 minute private classes? Children up to the age of 3 years old have attention spans in and around the water of 5-7 minutes. Older children ages 3-5 years old have an attention span of 7-12 minutes in and around the water. When your child is learning to swim, we highly recommend trying the 15 minute private classes. These classes are filled with constant moving exercises and learning skills that are repeated the entire 15 minutes. Once your child enjoys the water and can efficiently swim independently on their front and back, the 30 minute private class is also a great option. Private lessons allow for great flexibility in scheduling too. You can be any swim level (Rubber Duckies, Rainbow, White, Red or Blue). We offer private lessons for children as young as 3 months old, adults, special needs and swim team levels.

*All children must be potty-trained to participate in swim lessons at BR&F.  This is to insure the safety of the pool and its participants.

Lori’s H20 Skills Offers your child:




CONFIDENCE: Confidence in the water is the key to success in and out of the water




INDEPENDENCE: Confidence in the water leads to independence in the water






PARENT ASSISTED: For the wee ones, parents have the option to join in, to help ease the transition

Class Types:
Private (1:1 ratio, 15 minute class)= 4 classes
(BR&F Members $75/Non-members $90)
Private (1:1 ratio, 30 minute class)= 4 classes
(BR&F Members $150/Non-members $180)

Contact Info:
For more info, please visit:
ph: 513 515-8468

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