Are you feeling stagnant in your workout?

Do a Workout Designed for You

Are you bored with the treadmill? Have you hit a plateau? Are you not seeing any results? Why not consult a personal trainer? They can help you over this fitness rut. We offer either private, one-on-one training sessions or you can participate in a group. That’s what makes the personal training so personal! We want to design a workout for YOU… in order to accomplish your goals.

Please note you can easily drop-in to any existing training group. 

ALL trainers offer Training Packages and the cost of these packages can be significantly less if you are able to commit to the group for a specific number of sessions, such as 8, 10 and so forth.

Customized Programs

Not everyone has the same goals and/or the same body type. We can create a program that is customized for YOU as an individual. The program we create will be based on your individual lifestyle. We will be sure to build a program around your schedule that will make your time at the gym as productive as possible.


visualize yourself in 3d

Perform a 3D body scan in seconds using just a simple turntable and 3D camera. In only 35 seconds, we extract millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and reconstruct your body in 3D.

Group Training

Why do group training? Some of the benefits include: exposure to a social and fun environment, a safe and effectively designed workout in as little as 60 minutes, a consistent exercise schedule, and last but not least, an accountability factor from your peers. Group training is a great way to get a jumpstart on your personal fitness goals and is very cost effective.

The personal training schedule shows different sessions for each trainer throughout the week. Members are encouraged to contact the trainer and walk in to most of these sessions. Personal Trainers can be contacted via phone. All trainers are available for flexible training hours. Contact your trainer for more information.

Please confirm time and availability with Trainers


Prices vary by trainer and also depend on whether training is with a group or individual. Group training ranges from $25-$30 per one hour session. A group generally consists of 4+ people. Individual one-on-one training sessions range from $40-$50 per hour depending on the trainer and the time. Half hour sessions are available at the discretion of the trainer.

We offer personal training at various times throughout the week, including Saturdays.

Meet the Trainers

Personal Trainers_0006_kellie.jpg

Kellie Kallas, Director of Fitness

PLANK-A-DAY…keeps the doctor away!

(513) 623-8762


  • The Ohio State University – B.A. in Communication

  • IFTA Certifications: Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer

  • Certified Cycling/Spinning Instructor

  • National Certification for Silver Sneakers Program

  • University of Cincinnati -YogaFit Certification

  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certifications


  • Group Fitness Instructor since 2008

  • 23+ Years of Management and Customer Service

  • Public Relations and Community Fundraising


Physical fitness is all encompassing and the benefits truly affect every aspect of your life. When you feel good, everything around you feels better. My philosophy is to have fun while working out. “Laughter truly is the best medicine!” So, my challenge to you – find a physical activity you enjoy and stick with it! I thoroughly enjoy working with people, whether it is one-on-one or in a group, and I want to design a workout to meet your personal needs and goals!


Christina mink

Set goals, persevere, and enjoy the journey.


  • University of Cincinnati: Associate’s in Business Management Technology

  • Working towards personal training certification


  • Team member at Beechmont Racquet and Fitness from 2013-2015 and 2018-present

  • Weight lifting since 2012

  • Personal trainer since 2016

  • Photographer since 2012


I believe that fitness is a lifestyle change and an opportunity to completely transform your body and mind. My goal as a personal trainer is to help you establish a plan, execute it, and become the best version of yourself.


Ethan Baird

 It’s your body, it’s your workout. You decide how far you want to push yourself!

(859) 663-0030


  • Morehead State University B.A. in Exercise Science

  • Currently working towards certification in Personal Training

  • First Aid/CPR Certified


  • Group Fitness Instructor since 2016

  • 1 st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • Training a variety of clients in strength training and therapeutic exercises since 2016.


I believe fitness revolves around percentages, just like anything in life. It takes 20% concentrated will, 20% dedication, 20% sacrifice, 20% discipline, 20% pain, but 100% to remember why you are striving towards your goals. Whether it is losing weight, gaining strength, or just beginning your journey into the fitness world, I will be with you every step of the way to obtain your health and fitness goals!


Meghan Gudgeon



  • Asbury University-Sports management/business

  • Lexington Healing Arts Academy-personal training

  • NASM Certified personal trainer

  • Working on CSCS (Certified Strength conditioning coach)

  • TRX Certified

  • CPR/AED/First Aid


  • College Athlete

  • High school varsity soccer coach

  • High school basketball coach

  • Club soccer team trainer

  • Individual soccer trainer

  • Personal trainer 2017

  • Competitive youth swimmer


I'm all about making people feel comfortable with exercising while meeting them where they're at.  Our body manages and adapts to so much stress outside the gym, so my intention isn't to push you to get results, but to work together to get lasting results that will help you move and feel better!



(513) 418-7932


●     Majoring in biology at the University of Cincinnati

●     ACE Personal Trainer

●     CPR/AED/First Aid


●     Team member at Beechmont Racquet and Fitness since April 2018

●     Member at Beechmont Racquet and Fitness since 2006


Fitness is more than looking good. It’s about feeling good on the inside and outside. I’m here to help you set and reach attainable goals!

Personal Trainers_0005_joe.jpg

Joe Mink

Grit, motivation, and determination are the key factors in achieving all of your short term and long term goals!

(513) 479-3847


  • University of Cincinnati—B.A. in Health Promotion and Education—Exercise and Fitness

  • Working Toward ACE Personal Trainer Certification


  • University of Cincinnati Athletic Department—Game Operations

  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital—Wellness Works Program


I came to realize that to achieve your goals in fitness has nothing to do with genetics but more so an internal and external push for the desire to become the best version of yourself. Grit, motivation, and determination are the keywords I practice daily and hope to instill in my clients. To become the best version of yourself doesn’t come easy, but I believe we all have it within our moral fiber to do just that. If you can dream it, you certainly can achieve it by setting short term and long term goals. My job is to help you put this into play and make fitness become a staple in your life for a better you.

Personal Trainers_0000_john.jpg

John Pimenidis

Our bodies were made to move, so let’s get moving!

(513) 528-5700


  • BS in Health and Physical Education from Mount Saint Joseph University


  • Kids Fitness Director at Beechmont Racquet & Fitness since 1996

  • Has worked with the youth of Anderson Township for over 20 years

  • Former Member of European Youth Basketball team

  • Mount Saint Joseph University:

    • Football – Still holds many kicking records

    • Former Assistant Basketball Coach

  • Works with a broad array of individuals with different needs, including adults, children, sport-specific training, special needs and rehabilitory


My philosophy is based on an individual’s goals. Everyone has different reasons for working out. Whether you are training for a marathon, trying to build muscular endurance, or want to try weights for the first time, I can help you reach your goal and build a program to suit your needs. I believe with hard work and consistency anybody can achieve their goals. Remember that fitness is a lifetime commitment.