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The Story of ME

I began my journey into the massage world at Collinson School of Therapeutics and Massage in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  My sincere thanks to Mr. Torry Collinson, LMT, DC, for being such a wonderful instructor and human being, may you rest in peace.  I graduated January 2001 and from there I established myself in the spa industry where I provided mostly swedish therapy and focused on developing my style at a pace where my clients enjoyed relaxing and being "pampered" by receiving massage as a luxury or one of life's little extras.  During this experience I learned a lot about building and marketing a business as well as the importance of creating the ambiance inside the therapy room.  As wonderful as this was, I had always been interested in working with athletes.  I felt drawn to the faster paced and more challenging realm of SPORTS MASSAGE!  

After moving back to Cincinnati I was made to repeat massage school due to politics over credits not transferring and so on and so forth and blah, blah, blah!  Although I wasn't crazy about this chore unexpectedly being dumped into my lap, it turned out to be one of the most important and life altering undertakings I would ever have the pleasure of achieving.  While attending school, I met someone named Kellie who taught yoga in a gym.  She and her husband were regulars at the restaurant where I worked and one evening we had a conversation about my career search with my graduation quickly approaching.  Kellie suggested I purchase a massage chair and bring it to her place of business once a week to promote myself and get to know the members of Beechmont Racquet and Fitness.  In the meantime we were deviously conspiring to convince the owners that it would be a perfect time to make a new addition to their club which would benefit everyone involved!  Which as the universe would have it, is exactly what ended up transpiring (ten months of schmoozing and some sweat and tears later).  Plus- thanks to the purchase of the massage chair and all those freebies,  I've gained a tiny bit of experience with chair massage (500+) , but I mean, who's really counting??

I'd like to thank Karen Lawson and Dr. Michael Nichols, DC for assisting me in RE-learning my craft!  I graduated Cincinnati School of Medical Massage November, 2014 and 4 months later Sarah's Sports Massage opened it's doors on March 2, 2015!  It was similar to being run over by a freight train....I think, or maybe getting hit by a meteor.  Either way, it was an immediate success (14 years in the making ) and has remained a true blessing in my life.  A special thank you goes out to the Atkins family, Kellie Kallas and the rest of my work family who's continued support for what I do makes it all so wonderful.  So at this point, I'm thinking- wow, I'm established inside a fitness club ( sorry Lance, but I need to call it CLUB! ) where hundreds of people, every stage and walk of life are training hard, playing sports and cooking up a slew of overuse injuries and sore muscles for me to work on and learn from where also I'm invited to do massage at numerous sporting events within the gym itself.  In addition, I've now joined the OSMT ( Ohio Sports Massage Team ) which gets me out of my office occasionally for onsite sports massage events such as the WPAFB Marathon in Dayton!  Then of course in my spare time, I'm giving back to the community by volunteering massage and stretching at random local sporting events such as The Flying Pig, Cheetah Run and Tour de Cure.  Just as I begin wondering and asking myself, how can this get any did. 

In August 2017 I received a phone call from a person named Anna Turner who wanted to know if I was interested in enrolling in an upcoming massage class for clinical somatic release.  I'm sure that phrase meant a whole bunch of nothing, so in other words, neuromuscular therapy which includes trigger point work, M.E.T. (muscle energy techniques) and numerous different methods of pain release.  It was packed full of enough mystery and magic to make my head spin and also happened to be THE class I had been wanting to take since I first became a licensed therapist in 2001 when I felt the pull towards sports massage!  And where else did she say this marvelous class was being held, but in Sardinia -like 40 minutes from where I lived!  This was a sign like no other which of course I HAD to follow.  I earned my neuromuscular certification in April 2018 following 6 months of studying under the expertise of Mr. Earle Timberlake ,LMT.  Thank you Earle for sharing your gift with me, it means a lot! 

Since then I've slowly worked my new techniques and "tricks" into my routine with my clients.  I must admit how challenging it was adding trigger point work to my mostly swedish technique.  Going from doing buttloads of gliding, overusing my thumbs and digging at knots with my elbows (all while having the worst body mechanics known to man), to using both hands in unison, holding both thumbs (or my fantastic wooden tool) on an active trigger point and holding still for 90 seconds at a time, took quite a bit of getting used to!  It's getting easier now and I've noticed SUCH a difference in my clients' musculature after implementing these new skills into my practice.  This may sound nerdy, but holding and waiting the 90 seconds, feeling the trigger point resisting at times, then softening and releasing right about the 70-80 second mark, is absolutely fascinating.  It amazes me - these hidden, built in pain -release mechanisms we all posses, yet do not realize.  The coolest part is - I'm now formally trained at finding and deactivating these angry little buttons, along with NUMEROUS other types of releases and stretches -some of which I've not managed to work into my routine just yet.  It's sort of like adding ingredients to the mixing bowl, slowly and remember to stir well or you might screw up the entire recipe!  

So, what's my style you ask?  I'd say a mix between "fluff and buff" & "seek and destroy!"  When you come to see me, let me know your most annoying pain and not only will I make it go away (as long as it so willingly participates) , but you will also be able to relax, let go and maybe even take a nap.  No bruising here folks, just a warm hug for your muscles from my intuitive, healing hands.  In closing, I wish to thank every single one of my clients for your respect and appreciation for what I do, it's not every therapist who receives such praise and gratitude from the people they have the privilege of working on.  I often get stopped when meandering through the gym and told how I "fixed" someone's shoulder or "healed" another's pinched nerve pain and I can't describe how that feels.  I've been told I have "magic" hands, I've been called "Dr. Sarah" and my favorite -"The Angel of Mercy."  I also need to mention two FANTASTIC friends and gifted therapists who now share my second home with me, Bob Guard who you may know as "Yoga Bob" and Anjanette France ,LMT who drifted my way recently and have made my small business feel larger than life!  I'm SO incredibly thankful for the opportunities that come my way every day in my journey as a therapist and I feel blessed beyond belief.           

Best Regards, Sarah Martin, LMT



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Massage appointments can be made by contacting Sarah.  Calling or texting 513.405.8881 is the quickest way to schedule. To check appointment availability, click here:

Non-members of BR&F are always welcome to enjoy massage at Sarah’s Sports Massage.  Any payments for massage can be made directly to Sarah.  Cash and major credit cards are accepted.  Gift cards for massage may be purchased at the Sports Massage office or over the phone using a major credit card (513) 405-8881.

Services Offered

Relax & Heal


Sports Massage

This style of massage therapy benefits anyone who participates in regular physical activity – which could mean a weekend jogger, recreational tennis player, even a professional athlete.  The technique is specific to the client’s sport/workout of choice and can be performed prior to, during, or immediately following a workout. Benefits include – warming/preparing muscles, maintaining mental focus during sports, increasing range of motion, injury prevention, detoxifying/restoring  muscles & relieving pain. 

Trigger Point Therapy

This therapy aims to relieve pain by deactivating trigger points which develop in the muscle knots created by overuse, injury or other muscular conditions.  The object is varying pressure applied to the trigger point (greatest point of pain) in the contracted knot then held for 90 seconds.  This technique is highly effective and very specific.  I call it seek and destroy!


This popular style of relaxation therapy is commonly used in a 60 minute full body massage. Long, gliding strokes in the direction of blood flow toward the heart, increase circulation and oxygen levels in the blood while detoxifying muscles and relieving tension. Recent studies have found that 45 minutes of massage decreased levels of stress hormone cortisol in the body and also increased the number of lymphocytes (immune cells). Swedish style massage includes many “basic” techniques which are interspersed with just about every other style of massage practiced. Perfect for relaxing after a long day or as preventative therapy once a  week.

Post Isometric Muscle Release

Science shows that muscles experience a brief period of relaxation immediately following a contraction. This M.E.T. (muscle energy technique) involves placing muscles in a lengthened position followed by an isometric contraction of the muscle, then a stretch.  It's designed to restore muscle to the normal resting length and improve range of motion..

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Sarah Martin is the best! I have very little experience with Sports Massage, but when my son called me from a high school lifting session with a neck injury, I knew she would be a great resource. Not only did she fit us into her busy schedule right away, but Sarah eased our minds with her comforting ways and knowledge of her business. She definitely helped get Willie back on track and pain free and it was very much appreciated by this football mom! We’ll be seeing her again, for sure–when his 14th birthday rolled around, my son wanted a gift certificate to Sarah’s Sports Massage!
— Jill J.
My search for a Sports Massage Therapist stopped when I found Sarah Martin. Sarah took the time to truly “hear” where I had injuries, aches, and pains and designed a regimen leveraged specifically for me. Since I met Sarah 5 months ago, she has solved my neck issues and made steady progress with my shoulder. She is a healer and a very nice person. It’s my pleasure to recommend you give her a shot! My bet is that you have found the therapist you have been looking for.
— Dave B.
Sarah Martin is very professional and personable! She offers the most therapeutic and pleasant massages. She helps me recover from minor workout soreness and strains. Her approach is to stretch the muscles while massaging which really helped me with a tight, pulled hamstring. Also, when I overexert or strain my back, she helps me relax, restore, and rejuvenate!!!
— Kristie E.