How many calories am I burning?

Curious about how many calories your body burns when you’re active? According to the USDA, it depends completely on your height, weight, and whatever activity you’re doing. Check out this helpful chart for reference!

Approximate calories used (burned) by a 154-pound man
MODERATE physical activities: In 1 hour In 30 minutes
Hiking 370 185
Light gardening/ yard work 330 165
Dancing 330 165
Golf (walking and carrying clubs) 330 165
Bicycling (less than 10 mph) 290 145
Walking (3.5 mph) 280 140
Weight training (general light workout) 220 110
Stretching 180 90
VIGOROUS physical activities: In 1 hour In 30 minutes
Running/ jogging (5 mph) 590 295
Bicycling (more than 10 mph) 590 295
Swimming (slow freestyle laps) 510 255
Aerobics 480 240
Walking (4.5 mph) 460 230
Heavy yard work (chopping wood) 440 220
Weight lifting (vigorous effort) 440 220
Basketball (vigorous) 440 220


Burning calories is most associated with weight loss, but according to the USDA, you want to exercise for many more benefits than just losing weight or keeping yourself in shape. The long-term benefits of physical activity affect everyone of all ages, shapes, and sizes—it can increase your chances of living longer, decrease depression, help your sleep cycle, make you feel more confident, and increase your strength in both your muscles and bones. Plus, exercising is a great way to stay active with your friends and family and exercise your social self along with your physical self!

 As 2017 comes to a close, we encourage you to think about what kind of changes you want to make to better your health. Whether it be eating better, cooking healthier options, or upping your exercise game, any small (or big!) change that you make to improve your health is a great step in the right direction towards a healthier, better you!

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