Structured Programs

Fitness Is Fun

Structured programs are offered at an additional cost beginning at the age of one year old. These programs are designed to help build coordination, self-esteem, and confidence through a progressive skills curriculum. Through the use of music and choreographed stations, our programs offer an excellent opportunity to have fun and expand the children’s social skills.  We teach them, beginning at a very early age, that Fitness IS Fun!

Classes are offered in gymnastics, karate, strength training, and sports skills.


Class Descriptions

Agility Class

School age 8-10 years old/11-13 years old

These classes are meant to take a young athlete to the next level utilizing proven training techniques like plyometric, functional fitness, calisthenics, body weight, and core exercises.


Middle School age 10-13 years old

This class will cover dribbling, shooting, rebounds, defense drills, and conditioning.  Everything the kids need to prepare for the season!

Buzzing Bugs –Snapping Turtles

Parent/Child Class for ageS 1-3 years old

This class gives students a solid foundation in body awareness, socialization, and gymnastics movement.  The class starts with a social circle and warm-up and then utilizes gymnastics equipment in an obstacle course setting.  They will work on bars, beams, and tumbling mats, preparing to learn all basic gymnastics skills such as: forward rolls, backwards rolls, donkey kicks (pre-handstands), and monkey jumps (pre-cartwheels).

Leaping Monkeys

Preschool ages 3-5 years old

After completing the Buzzing Bugs class, students are moved up to a non-parent class.  Leaping Monkeys reviews students’ prior gymnastics knowledge and builds on that to increase their body awareness as well as flexibility and strength.  Students will work on mastering basic gymnastics skills such as: cartwheels, handstands, roundoffs, pullovers on the bar, etc.

Little Kickers/Sports Plus

Preschool children ages 4-7 years old

Little Kickers/Sports Plus offers the same high quality non-competitive gymnastics based movement program with the addition of sports skills.  Students will practice throwing, kicking, catching, and running in various sports like: soccer, basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.  Students will also learn karate skills like punches, blocks, and kicks while still enjoying a Kid’s Fun Gym warm-up and signature obstacle courses!

Soccer Skills

School age children 7-9 years old

Bring your own ball.  We will work on dribbling, passing, kicking with the right and left foot, and learning to move without the ball in open space.  Get ready for the soccer season!