Group Fitness

Beechmont Racquet & Fitness offers an exciting variety of fitness classes

Our classes include beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises for people of all ages and fitness levels. We continue to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology so we can incorporate them into our classes.


Flexibility is key

classes to fit your busy schedule

Beechmont Racquet & Fitness offers an exciting variety of fitness classes. Our classes include beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercises for people of all ages and fitness levels. We continue to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technology so we can incorporate them into our classes. We have early morning, mid-morning, and evening fitness classes to fit your busy schedule.

Because cross-training is the most efficient and safest way to train, our staff encourages everyone to sample from our array of class offerings. Any of our instructors will be happy to help you set up a workout schedule or answer any questions you may have.

Last, but not least, we have FUN working out! Enjoyment is key to staying motivated. Come join us, get fit, meet new people, and feel good!


Cutting Edge Classes

Group Fitness Classes

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Please Note

All group fitness classes taking place in ROOM C have a limited number of spots. Members must receive a number from the Front Desk up to a half hour prior to the class. 

Bad Weather Policy

We place a premium on safety and communication during inclement weather.  In the event of bad weather, Beechmont Racquet & Fitness will use the following policy for group fitness classes:

  • AM classes are cancelled if the Forest Hills School District is cancelled or if there is more than a 1-hour delay.

  • A 1-hour delay in school hours will cancel only those classes prior to 9:00 AM. All other AM classes will run as scheduled.

  • A decision for PM classes will be made after 3 PM.


No-Nonsense Total Body Workout

Boot CamP

Mr. John’s Boot Camp is a no-nonsense, results oriented workout. Everyone quickly discovers that Mr. John’s Boot Camp is the most affordable AND the most effective workout in Anderson!


About Mr. John

John Pimenidis holds a degree in Health and Physical Education from Mount Saint Joseph University. He has worked with the youth of Anderson Township for over 20 years. He is a lifelong athlete who played basketball for the European Team as a youth, football for the Mount Saint Joseph University where he still holds several kicking records, and currently enjoys competitive Mountain Biking. He often rides his bike to work, so watch out for him on Beechmont Avenue!

Boot Camp Pricing

$10 / class for a pre-paid session
$12 / class for a one time drop-in

Mr. John, Personal Trainer: (513) 528-5700

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Get Spinning!

Bike & Tone

A fusion class of cycling & strength work! 

Spinning to the Core

Bike with Abs

If you like lots of cardio, this is for you! And Abs!


Get Your Fix of Cardio

Long Distance Bike Ride

A longer version of our regular cycling class


 Be sure to let the instructor know if it’s your first time so she can adjust the bike for you (a must for comfortable, safe riding).



Building Fitness

Step & Tone 

A class for those who want very basic stepping – no complex patterns! It is especially appealing to the person looking for a lower impact workout or for someone new to stepping. Body toning included.

Heart Healthy

Cardio Step 

A 40-minute cardiovascular conditioning step class!

steady state

Step & Abs

A fun stepping class. Patterns repeat and you get a great “steady state” cardio workout. Ab work is added after stepping. “Building Fitness Step” class is recommended (though not required) before taking this class.

An All Inclusive Workout

Step / Body Toning

A stepping class followed by body toning – an all-inclusive workout. Step is constant movement and is very beneficial to your cardiovascular system and for lower body.

Circuit Class

Step / Sculpt & Abs

A step / lower body sculpt circuit class. It’s a different format than Fat Burner in that there are no sprints and there is more stepping. You step for about 3 minutes, then tone for 2-3 minutes.






Core Training

Having a strong core is a must!

Get there with this 30-minute class that specifically targets the core (abs, glutes, lower back & hips). The Bosu ball and stability ball are used in this class to give an extra challenge.



Latin Flare

Fredy's Dance Fiesta

Fredy brings Latin flare to his own Dance Fiesta! Come join the party…Fredy’s energy is infectious! You will not realize you are even working out. All ages and fitness levels are welcome!

This class is different than others because you’ll laugh often. Dancing is great therapy to de-stress and keep your body in shape. It's never the same class twice. Through dance, laughter and happiness, you can keep fit! Build a healthy body and learn to dance the different styles of Latin America with great music.




Heart Smart

Level 1 Cardio & Silver Sneakers

A beginning level class designed to improve cardiovascular fitness.

It is done in a circuit manner with strength training. Routines are simple and effective and the program is appropriate for those taking Silver Sneakers.


Whole Body Approach


This exercise system works your entire body as an integrated whole. You will develop core strength, longer, leaner muscles, & learn precise control in all movement.



Yoga for anyone. It is in Yoga 1 that you will learn basic postures and proper form. 

No Worry

Chair Yoga

No worries for the knees or shoulders when you sit down for this traditional yoga practice adapted for the chair. This class teaches you to stretch and build strength as you enjoy all of the benefits of yoga using a simple chair for support and balance – no mat required. Safe and fun for all levels of ability.





Feel the Beat


This class consists of using Ripstix®, lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising.

POUND® transforms drumming into an incredibly effective way of working out. Designed for all fitness levels. Located in the Kids' gym. Space is limited to 25. First come, first served basis for the Ripstix®.




Strength Training

Sets & reps

A strictly strength training workout without sprints, based on the sets method. A variety of tools are used to work the entire body!



Strength & Cardio

The Circuit 

A strength/cardio class executed in cycles. You work with free weights, kettlebells, machines, body bar, stability ball, weighted balls, Bosu, the ramp, and indoor bicycles. You will get all you need in this class.


Variety in Strength & Cardio

Super Circuit 

This class is similar to regular circuit but you work in small groups of 3 or 4 at each station and there is more variety in sprints.



Body Sculpt

Super Tone

A non-stepping, straightforward body sculpt class using a variety of tools such as kettlebells, body bars, resistance bands, stability balls. In addition, sprints done on the floor keep the heart rate up.



Suspension Training


Are you looking for something new? Try TRX Suspension Training, a full body workout anyone can do from a beginner to advanced.

Kellie Kallas, Director of Fitness:

(513) 623-8762

TRX Suspension Training is bodyweight exercise that will develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. A TRX session will consist of a full body work out switching between using the TRX trainer to cardio and/or weight training without the TRX. If you are interested in trying suspension training call me; space is limited and filling up fast!


Classes Available

Monday & Wednesday 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM and Monday & Thursday 7:15 AM - 8:15 AM

Tuesday - TRX Express 4:30PM - 5:15PM


$120 for 10 class pass or $15 / class for a one time drop-in




High Intensity Interval Training

Tabata / HIIT

Diane Swart, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

This class requires 50% of the time, but provides 100% results. Studies have shown that we're wearing out our body parts. This program is designed to burn the calories you want without overuse. You will experience a higher metabolism for 3-16 hours AFTER your workout is over!




Tour the Facilities & Get to know us

Beechmont Racquet & Fitness is one of the largest recreational facilities in the country. Our club offers a wonderful combination of equipment, fitness, and sports. You would be hard pressed to find a club with more cardio equipment! You will not find a better value anywhere. Come in and see all we have to offer.