Boot Camps


No-Nonsense Total Body Workout!!

Mr. John’s Boot Camps are a no-nonsense, results oriented workout. Everyone quickly discovers that Mr. John’s Boot Camps are the most affordable AND the most effective workout in Anderson!

Mr. John combines cardiovascular, calisthenics, and weight training to provide a total body workout. Regardless of your exercise goals, Mr. John’s Boot Camp program can help you:

  • improve your overall health by boosting your self-confidence and making you mentally stronger
  • increase strength and stamina while toning muscle

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve done a similar workout before, you WILL be challenged and Mr. John is an expert at MODIFYING the workout to fit your needs.

Sample Boot Camp Workout
Cardio – running in short intervals, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, climbers, burpees
Upper body – push-ups, planks, bands, weights, shoulders
Lower body – squats, planks, step-ups, isolated exercises
Along with a great workout, Mr. John promises a positive, encouraging environment and the camaraderie of these awesome groups. Sign up for a class today!


Boot Camp times are as follows:

About Mr. John:
John Pimenidis holds a degree in Health and Physical Education from Mount Saint Joseph University. He has worked with the youth of Anderson Township for over 20 years. He is a lifelong athlete who played basketball for the European Team as a youth, football for the Mount Saint Joseph University where he still holds several kicking records, and currently enjoys competitive Mountain Biking. He often rides his bike to work, so watch out for him on Beechmont Avenue!

Boot Camp Pricing:
$10/class for a pre-paid session
$12/class for a one time drop-in


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