Fitness Center

Cincinnati, OH

Our newly renovated fitness center has become one of the showcase focal points of the facility. Our large fitness center offers two floors of equipment. The first floor consists of nautilus and selectorized equipment used for strengthening and toning, while the lower level focuses on brand new free weights as well as plate-loaded machines to help you build muscle mass. The sheer size of this area alone would allow us to house most of our competitors’ entire facility! Whether you’re getting ready for a fitness competition, working on strength, or looking to slim down, our fitness center has everything you’re looking for!

We have full lines of Nautilus, Cybex, Hammerstrength, and Free Motion to serve even the most avid fitness enthusiast. We have just recently replaced our our entire line of free weights with new-style, safer, non-slip grips.

We are constantly assessing and reevaluating our equipment inventory to provide you with the latest and greatest technology. Our goal here is to help all members attain all their personal goals and provide answers to their fitness questions. Members are encouraged to take advantage of free orientations where they can learn about which machines work which muscles, seat positions, proper form, sets, repetitions, and weight selection. If you’re interested in a free member orientation to our fitness center, please sign up in the registration binder at the front desk.

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