4 reasons To Treat Yourself to Sauna or Steam Room Therapy

The health benefits of steam rooms and saunas might be greater than you think! Qurratulain Zaheer, a health and beauty researcher and writer interested in discovering a new and exciting approach to achieving gorgeous skin, recommends both for heat therapy with benefits that go beyond promoting good skin. This therapy can also help with fighting disease, reducing stress, and even aid your weight loss goals.
1. Saunas can minimize joint pain and tension in the body-
Saunas use dry heat to warm and relax your muscles, which in turn soothes nerve endings, joint pain, and encourages tension to leave the body. This therapy is especially useful for those suffering from arthritis or migraines. Heat from saunas also reduces tension and helps fight stress in the body, which releases endorphins and increases your melatonin levels, allowing you to feel happy and relaxed. This can especially be helpful for those suffering from insomnia or depression.

2. Steam improves breathing and issues with congestion-
Allergy season is upon us! For those who suffer from congestion brought on by allergies or other ailments, steam has been recognized as a simple solution to help alleviate the pressure in your sinuses. The heat and moisture from the steam is able to open up your airways, as well as thin and open the mucous membranes in the body. This can also be an incredibly helpful option for those who suffer from bronchitis and asthma.

3. Steam and sauna heat therapy can help rid your body of toxins-
The heat from both steam rooms and saunas cause your body to sweat, allowing your body to cleanse itself and remove toxins that may be lingering in your system. This process will also cause you to shed a few pounds in water weight, but only temporarily. It is important to note that sweat therapy cannot replace healthy diet and exercise. Eating right and getting plenty of proper exercise will always be your best tools on a weight loss journey.

4. Healthier and younger-looking skin-
Both dry and wet heat therapy can open up your pores, increase circulation, and soften your skin. Steam especially can help clear out impurities by loosening and clearing out pores; a great option for those suffering from acne.

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Lorraine Jones